California Compliant Magazine Lock/Tool Kit
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 The CA Legal Magazine Button is a product that allows the shooter to drop a magazine with the use of a tool. It prevents finger manipulation of the mag release, and creates a condition allowable under current individual interpretations of California law.

This does not create a detachable mag situation, but creates an attachable-fixed magazine condition., requires no gunsmithing, or cutting on any part of the rifle. The installation is not permanent, and can be reversed just as quickly.

The Wonder wrench tool is used it to install your Bullet button, to release your fixed magazine, to tighten down the inner nut during installation, or as a tool to drop the magazine while at the range. When you travel out of California or use it on a rimfire rifle, you can screw it on a few extra turns and use it like a normal magazine release button. Another must have for the CA Compliant AR shooter!

DISCLAIMER: This advertisement provides general guidance. We cannot provide legal advice or offer information regarding the numerous federal, state, and local firearms law in existence today. Each purchaser is responsible to consult and know the respective laws.

California Compliant Magazine Lock/Tool Kit

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